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[Coorg] Want Coffee, Will Travel

Two weeks after I turned twenty-five, I got carried away and traveled 2400 kilometers to buy coffee. I returned with 70% Arabica mixed with 30% Robusta, experienced a first by staying alone at a hostel in India, and brought back many stories of the kindness of strangers.

I have been coffee crazy since as far back as I can remember. More specifically, filter coffee crazy. I was raised a TamBrahm which possibly explains a lot. Maybe my parents were experimenting by starting my habit at a very young age. But I’m just as dysfunctional as most of my peers, so perhaps things turned out fine. On my twenty-fifth birthday, I was gifted two brass coffee filters of the small and medium size variety (I already own a large one) along with a brass tumbler-davara set to match. It then made perfect sense to travel to Coorg and score me some coffee powder. With the exception of trips to Chandigarh, this was probably my first trip planned five days before setting out. While not quite the thrill of reach…

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